BEES allows designers, builders, product manufacturers, and consumers to select cost-effective, environmentally-preferable building products based on consensus standards and designed to be practical, flexible, and transparent.

BEES Online provides sustainability performance measures of building products by using:

  • Life-Cycle Impact Assessment
    (based on ISO Standards)
  • Life-Cycle Costing
    (based on ASTM Standards)

BEES Online 2.0 provides a new and improved interface and updated sustainablilty data.

  • Current Categories:
    Flooring, Wall and Ceiling Insulation, Exterior Wall Finishes, Partitions, Interior Wall and Ceiling Finishes
  • Future Categories:
    Wall and Roof Sheathing, Roof Coverings, Parking Lot Paving, Columns, Beams, Basement Walls, and Foundation Slabs

Announcement: BEES Online and BEES Online 2 are Legacy Software and are NO longer actively supported. Functionality may be lost over time.


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency of the U.S. Commerce Department.

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