The goal of BEES Online 2.1 is to maintain the scientific rigor of BEES Online, allowing direct comparison of products’ sustainability performance, while updating the web interface and underlying data to best fit industry needs, including LCIAs development based on the most recent PCRs for a product category and the most recent LCA data and methods.

We appreciate any feedback that users can provide to help us make BEES Online better. Information that would be helpful include but are not limited to the following:

What is your background (LCA practitioner, LEED certified, government employee or contractor?

Have you used BEES Online in the past and/or currently use BEES Online? If so, for what purpose?

Now that you have used BEES Online 2.1, would you use this tool, and for what purpose?

In a broad sense, how could the tool be improved to make it more useful?

What specific improvements would make the tool more useful?

Are the new filtering options helpful?

What characteristics or certifications would you find most beneficial to include?

What do you think this tool is currently missing that would increase its use?

How do like the functionality compared to BEES Online?

Would you find any of the following beneficial: Documentation, Tutorial Document, Video Tutorial, Information icons that display brief summaries at each step through the selection process, Distance matrix for cities across the US to assist in customizing transportation?

For comments, questions, or feedback related to BEES Online 2.1, please contact Joshua Kneifel, Priya Lavappa, or Brian Polidoro.